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Live Off the Grid

Live off the grid with solar energy


The 5 Solar Years ebook is a detailed guide that has taken me about 6 months and several hours a day to put together.

You don’t have to go totally off grid. You can convert your remote cabin, water well, home office / workshop or even home lighting and start saving on your electrical bill.

I wish I would have had an ebook like this when I first started out.  I share with you my mistakes through the years and how I rectified them. I share with you my system wiring diagrams and all my design improvements that I have made.

Here are some details covered in this ebook….

  • How to properly wire and ground your solar array.
  • How to build homemade solar panels the correct way. Includes an example of a 36 solar cell wiring diagram and instructions. And another humbling mistake…..I built 20 panels the wrong way and they only lasted two years!
  • Batteries not reaching absorb? How to correct out-of-balance systems and to avoid this in the design stage. Yes…..I had this problem!
  • How to properly power your AC water well.

Find out How to read Solar Panel Specifications.

solar panelsFind out how to test your Solar Panels. Do they have “good health”? In other words do they actually perform to the specs label? Find out in my ebook with two simple steps.

Thinking about purchasing used Solar Panels? Those on the left are my seven used panels. These panels are great performers and actually cost half the price of new.  Learn what questions to ask sellers before you purchase used panels.

Here are some more details….

  • What a professional installer did not do to my friends DC solar water well installation. The installer should have known!
  • My systems battery charging improvements.
  • The proper way to add more solar panels to your system (from another location on your property).
  • Properly grounding the AC feed from your power center to your home.
  • Some appliances that are not “solar friendly”.
  • Properly add DC power to the home (Example: DC LED Lighting).
  • How to monitor your system.
  • Wiring diagrams and pictures.
  • A special section that is a refresher on basic solar power and batteries.
  • Plus more……
The 5 Unique Reasons to Purchase 5 Solar Years
  • Avoid mistakes from the start.
  • Become more energy self sufficient.
  • Have a better understanding of solar power.
  • Start saving on your electricity bill.
  • Discuss an installation more intelligently with your installer.

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